"As an attorney, I give to others, but do not always have the time or energy to take care of myself. Angela’s coaching was the missing puzzle piece the jigsaw of my work days! [Angela] has provided me with a social connection, support that fuels my spirit, my physical and mental health. Thank you Angela!"

Michelle R. Finch, Managing Attorney at Gravis Law, PLLC

"I started coaching with Angela more for a desire to support this amazing new mama who I got to know over LinkedIn and absolutely loved. I really did not know what expectations or goals I had for my coaching, but wow did Angela give me a quick shot of motivation and clarity.   We had such amazing and emotional break-throughs that went far beyond just talking about careers or the practice of law.  To me, that’s the point in working with a career/life/entrepreneur coach.  It’s about working with people who have the immense talent in seeing experiences, thoughts, emotions outside the box that we often get trapped in.  Angela has an amazing gift at this and it helped me to not just jump out of the box but to see that it’s not that scary jumping out of the box either.  I’ve since finally taken the formal steps into my long contained dreams and it feels powerful."

Shinhong Byun

"As a coach just starting my side hustle several months ago, I was completely overwhelmed.  There's so much noise out there about what to focus on when building a coaching practice or any other business.  While I had identified an area that I wanted to focus on, I was totally confused about how to focus on energy and time in a way that felt both efficient and meaningful.  With so much information out there, my biggest struggle was a lack of a coherent framework for managing my work.  I knew that I needed to get out there and actually do the work of coaching, but instead, I spent a lot of time pursuing clickbait about the marketing strategies I HAD to implement, or the top 9 ways to build a six-figure coaching practice in two weeks, etc.  So rather than doing the work, I was spinning my wheels in creative avoidance.  I wanted a system that would help me turn down all that noise and focus on the essentials, and that's what I found in Angela's program.  Instead of just "hustling" and treading water, trying to implement every new tactic I read about, I've learned to focus only on specific, consistent actions that are energizing, authentic, and inspiring to me and have helped generate real connection with my ideal client base.  I've also experienced major breakthroughs in my creativity and willingness to be visible, and I've gotten some truly unexpected clarity on where I want to take my business.  Halfway through the program, I have concrete next steps, tons of actionable ideas, and momentum that I didn't have before, have learned to cut out the overwhelm and distraction, and am super excited to continue implementing the system I've learned."

Valerie Madamba

"I feel so honored to have worked with Angela. She is masterful. Not just with the practical aspects of teaching you how to successfully draw in new clients, but on the harder aspects - like dealing with the stuff in your head and heart that gets in the way of having a successful side gig. It’s the skills I wasn’t expecting to learn from a lawyer — the ones that make you *feel* great about your work — that I am most grateful for. Her program makes marketing feel easy and natural, whereas I went in feeling like it was anything but those things. When I had a hard time during the program with personal issues, Angela could not have been more empathetic and supportive, gently and gracefully being there for me while still helping me get everything out of the program that I could — which was so much! There is no doubt in my mind that she really genuinely cares about the people she works with. I just love her, and you will too!"

Chelsea Galicia