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What is looks like to work with me

Let's open up your marriage like a badass.

Current offers


OPTION 1: Long-term coaching

During our time together, you will learn how to:

  • Determine whether opening up a relationship is actually the most suitable course for your relationship

  • Have difficult conversations with your partner without fear of rupture - whether it's giving them feedback on their parenting style or telling them you don't want to have sex

  • Sustain a relationship without feeling like you are constantly giving up something and doing all the emotional labor to keep the relationship afloat

  • Connect with people outside of your relationship (romantic or otherwise) to build a rich ecosystem of support through all the waves and tides

  • Stop having anxiety around when the relationship is going belly up because you will know how to relate to your partner on every little thing that comes up

  • Manage the judgment and lack of safety within your own community and the culture at large that is unfriendly to open relationships

  • Deal with feelings like jealousy and resentment that may inevitably come up as a result of having an open relationship

  • Tend to any heartbreak that comes up within or outside your relationship so that connecting with people in any capacity doesn't feel so daunting

  • Make dating super fun and easy instead of stressful and time-consuming

For this long term coaching container, the investment to work with me is $4,000 for 10 sessions of relationship coaching, 80 minutes per sessionYou can bring your partner to any or all of the sessions, but it's not required to get the results you are looking for.

If you want to work with me, please fill out THIS FORM.

OPTION 2: One-time coaching

If you want to pick my brain or need any kind of support from shared space with me, you can book a one-time one-hour call HERE for $150 USD per hour.


For $100 USD, you get lifetime access to a Discord server, where I provide coaching around the clock on opening up hearts, conversations, and your relationship. Find out more here.

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