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What is looks like to work with me

You will walk away remembering a little more about who you really are.

Current offer

I am now offering peer support for those who are sick of feeling like they don't belong and want to build the skills in experiencing their own humanity in their own way.


Peer support is where we create a shared space for me to walk with you on whatever issue you may feel stuck on. Here are some examples:

  • You have a ball of emotions that have nowhere to go, especially when you have tried to unpack this with loved ones or even your therapist but did not get the direction you were looking for.

  • You are not sure how to deal with the constant disappointment or anger that appears to recur with the same people.

  • You really feel like there are things about you that need to be worked on or fixed, but none of the strategies or advice have resonated with you.

  • The sense of isolation at work or at home is becoming unbearable because it feels like you are speaking an entirely different language from everyone else.

  • You are sick of explaining yourself, questioning yourself, or forcing yourself to do things for people you feel like don't understand you.


If you resonate with any of the above or feel like what you're experiencing is in the ball park of what you're seeing above, you are in the right place.

I cannot guarantee belonging in the world, but I can help find belonging in your own body.

If you want to move forward:

I operate based on a sliding scale in an effort to make me more accessible to you and make you more accessible to me. (Because we love each other.)

Peer Support Call (SPONSORED)

45 minutes @ $5.00

Book this appointment ONLY if at least one of the following applies to you:
-No income right now or in the foreseeable future
-No access to more than $500 USD at this particular moment
-Cannot pay next month's rent
-Do not have sustainable housing
-Have dependents you cannot sustainably support for the next month

Peer Support Call (SUPPORTED)

45 minutes @ $65.00

Book this appointment if you know you can benefit from this call but have limited resources (I trust your judgment on what "limited" means).

Peer Support Call (SUSTAINING)

45 minutes @ $80.00

Book this appointment if you want to pay the standard cost of this call.

Peer Support Call (SUPPORTING)

45 minutes @ $95.00

Book this appointment if you have the resources to support others who want to book this call at a "sponsored" or "supported" rate and want to do so.

Every call has equal length, and every option has equal access to my calendar.

If you are interested in working with me through one of the above options, please send me an email at, message me on Instagram or LinkedIn, or fill out THIS FORM.

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