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What it looks like to work with the Anger Coach

You will walk away knowing how to handle any situation because you can handle anything when you have the clearest understanding of your own anger.

My offer for March 2023

I am committed to making as little money as possible this month.


I want to be the least impressive person because I don't want to place any pressure on myself or anyone else to perform in any capacity.


Part of that means doing all the wrong things.

Here is the first wrong thing that I feel like doing:

I am offering an 8-week coaching container for anybody who wants to find out what to do with their anger. 90 minutes each week. It's gonna be $2,000 USD. (This price has been upgraded from $1,000 on 3/13 and valid until further notice, end of March at the latest.)

To get into this container, you'll have to fill out this application. Based on the responses, I may accept zero people. I may accept 100 people (probably not that much). I won't know until I know.

This offer is available until the end of March at the latest or earlier if I don't feel like offering it anymore.

As long as you are reading this, the offer is valid.

Here's why I am offering it: Unshaming your anger is the greatest gift to yourself and the world.

Your anger will manifest itself in frustration, anxiety, resentment, among others. I am so done watching people let their anger rupture all over their decisions and spiral into guilt and judgment and just "push through."

The more we do this, the more we escape the answers to the questions we keep asking ourselves over and over again.

Fuck that.

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