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Anger coach for professionals

Don't ever let anyone tell you that your anger is a "weakness" ever again.

The reason you are angry is that you have to deal with bullshit like that. None of that is allowed in this space.

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Hey friend, my name is Angela Han, and I am an Anger Coach.

I help you find out what to do with your anger.

Anger is the forbidden fruit of life: we can never talk about it, express it, experience it, or process it.

We were never taught how to. We were just supposed to learn with time and just magically turn "mature."

But I don't believe in "maturity." Who decides what that means, anyway?

I believe in expressing your truth. That means looking at the root of your frustrations, anxiety, feeling stuck: anger underlies them all.

And when we understand where all of our feelings are coming from, we get to see, for the first time, exactly what we are made of and where we want to go.

That is what we each deserve, not shame and guilt around anger. The most informative and powerful emotion available to humanity.

About Angela Han

"As an attorney, I give to others, but do not always have the time or energy to take care of myself. Angela’s coaching was the missing puzzle piece the jigsaw of my work days! [Angela] has provided me with a social connection, support that fuels my spirit, my physical and mental health. Thank you Angela!"

- Michelle R. Finch, Managing Attorney at Gravis Law, PLLC -





Anger is NOT something that needs to be "managed."


Everything that you've heard about anger is incorrect. At least the parts that you've tried and has not ever worked.


This is not your fault. It's simply a lack of education around what anger really is about, which is:


1. What you really care about

2. Going for what you really care about


When we don't see it for what it is, unexpressed anger ruptures in our daily decisions and interactions in ways we don't like.

Let me know if you resonate with this:

1. You hate the way anger comes up out of nowhere and pops out of you in the form of lashing out or passive aggression in random and regrettable ways.

​2. You truly have no idea what to do with your anger except to feel ashamed of it and try to calm yourself down.

That's where I come in. I am here to tell you that all that is happening is your anger knocking at your door wanting to be heard because it has an important message for you that is unique to you. Like:

  • How you really want to relate to your partner and the people you love

  • What kind of decisions you really want to make for your career

  • Why it's so hard to do the "simple" things that you could so very easily be doing

  • How to execute on the ideas you have without resentment bubbling up in the background

​But hold on, why you should trust me? Here's a bit about how I got here:

I have the best relationship with anger.

Everything I've ever accomplished, both the great things and the not-so-great things, there was always anger mixed up in it:

  • I became a lawyer because I was angry that I could not fix my parents' relationship.

  • I started a business because I was angry that I was not making enough money as a lawyer.

  • I became a coach because I was angry with the quality of coaching that was available to me at the time.

At first, it was painful to have embarked on a journey for the "wrong" reasons...until I finally saw that anger was not a wrong reason.

Anger was simply informing me what I deeply cared about, like:


  • My family's opinions

  • Other people's opinions

  • My reputation

  • My health and wellness

  • My lovability

  • My worthiness


Among other things. I saw that I cared about these things not necessarily because I chose them but because I inherited them from my upbringing, the culture, my ancestry, the world.


That is when I was able to finally make a decision for MYSELF what I really wanted to care about. That is when everything became clear: what I really wanted and what I deserved.


What was "possible" and "realistic" were no longer a question. I learned how to follow my emotions and the wealth of information they offered.

Knowing exactly what you want and having the confidence to have it is available to anyone.

But the massive vault of tools I picked up along the way makes it so much easier to anyone to transmute their anger into their greatest asset.

Never again feel ashamed about your anger.


It is here for the greatest reason you can think of:

To teach you how to love yourself and everybody else at the highest level.

Let's begin.

p.s. I love cats!
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