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I am a relationship coach.

I help you open up your relationship.

You tell people how happy you are in your relationship.

And you are.

But there is a part of you that feels like something is off. Even though you love your partner so much.

There are parts of you that are aching to be seen in ways that your partner cannot.

There are parts of you that want to explore beyond the confines of your relationship.

There are parts of you that inquire: What if?

My name is Angela Han, and I am a non-monogamous relationship coach with two small children.

It was not a walk in the park opening up our relationship over the course of a year. Our relationship experienced shame, judgment, guilt, resentment, and anger in every shade imaginable.

Coming out on the other side, we now have a relationship where we no longer fear ruptures because we know how to problem-solve every emotion that comes up. Together.

I help you do the same so that you no longer feel like you'll die wondering what could have been possible in your relationships and the way you love in this life.

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